Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am the Universe and U

The other day I was giving a friend advice, and I told him I saw his strength like an electric spear thru his heart. I drew him a picture of it, a sideways bolt of energy, inside and out.
More or less...

The next day I saw the universe in a photo online, a constructed image, and the resemblance was striking:

As micro goes macro I suppose.

Then as I googled, "arrow thru the heart" this video came up:

I had been watching that cartoon movie this week, so that was quite fitting.

Plus, the FOX is something I've been meaning to SYNC about for a long time. I once had a dream about a fox, and I associate it with my ex boyfriend, the one who left me with a giant sword thru my heart.
He always wanted to do a synch blog about George Clooney, and synchnificantly...

eff (oh) ex.

i hope you get that

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